Tips for Working Holiday Visas’ Application

Tips for Working Holiday Visas’ Application

Some of the prerequisites might eliminate you from the working visa candidate pool before you can so much as find your presumed destination on a map. For example, if you have any criminal record, even for the smallest conviction, you can say so long to making it to the short list of approved applications since every country requires a federal police background check certified by the RCMP. Some countries will require a medical certificate from a physician declaring that you’re of sound body and mind so this rules out anyone that has a communicable disease. If you have a physical disability, however, you need not worry since these policies don’t discriminate against them. While there are certainly many other paths that can grant you access to these countries, these are the basic requirements for most visa types in general, not only for working holidays. As long as you fit the bill of an eligible applicant, the rest should be (more or less) smooth sailing.

Go To Japan If You’re Married

For people with dependents like children or ailing parents, sadly you might be unable to take them with you. Most visa agreements don’t include them, meaning they’d have to also apply under the same visa scheme or a similar one yet there’s no guarantee their visa will get approved if yours does. The only country listed that will allow someone else to tag along with you is Japan as it allows couples to apply together. Th is the exception, not the rule though.

Don’t Bother Trying To Study In The UK If You Plan On Becoming A Terrorist

I’m not even kidding since this is an actual concern of the government that it takes quite seriously. That’s why for certain fields of study you’ll need to apply for an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate (ATAS) before you can enroll at any British post-secondary institute. This is to ensure you don’t use your newly acquired skills to manufacture weapons of mass destruction or other harmful technology to the detriment of humanity. You still can freely study non-restricted fields and at least feel better knowing that all the international tech-nerds have already been vetted in this regard.

Head to France If You Plan To Study Long-Term

France, by far, has one of the longest-lasting visas since it’s renewable more than once. The home of the Eiffel Tower also allows you to apply three different times under different subcategories of its visa scheme, the only country to do so. This means you could stay for up to 36 months but this avenue is only open to students who plan to go to university or have been offered an internship. Still, this is a pretty sweet deal as France will also allow you to extend your visa while still in the country. This way, you luckily won’t have to waste money on flights for visas runs back to Canada like in other places.

Don’t Head To Belgium If You Plan To Study Long-Term

Unlike its Francophone brethren, Belgium won’t allow you to study more than 3 months in a visa year. The reason for this limitation is unclear but its effect is pretty straightforward. Supposing that you want to enroll in a course on how to make the perfect Belgian waffles, it’s best to keep it at a few weeks, tops.

Pick New Zealand, the UK, Australia or France If You Want To Avoid A Visa Run

While neither New Zealand or the UK offer renewable working holiday visas, thanks to them being part of the Commonwealth, this isn’t too much of any issue. They will both graciously let you extend your visa without ever having to leave the country, which is a definite money-saver, while Australia, like France, will allow you to renew your visa from within its borders. In comparison, most other countries stipulate that you must return to Canada to re-apply at their embassy or consular office even for your second year, resulting in flights that could do some serious damage to your savings. This should make the aforementioned countries front-runners in your selection pool if you wish to escape that fate. France is still the clear winner, though.