The Most Cost-effective Watches of Foreign Watch Brand

The Most Cost-effective Watches of Foreign Watch Brand

From the perspective of China’s watch market now, it is basically available to brands all over the world. China’s watch user base is very large. More and more foreign watch brands are pouring into the Chinese market to make money, like Japan. There are the Big Three which are very popular in China – Citizen, Seiko & casio watches for sale. Citizen’s market share is the highest among these three, so the editor will analyse which one is the most cost-effective.


Highest Ranking Of Japanese Watches In Asian Region

At present in China, the counter images of Seiko and Citizen Eco-Drive quartz watches in Japanese watches are relatively good in offline physical stores. The three Chinese Citizens are the most durable and are relatively accurate in accuracy. The ranking of Japanese watches in the entire Asian region is the highest. Whether it is radio-controlled watches, solar-powered watches, GPS watches or electronic watches, Citizen and Casio are very competitive. No one wants to lag behind. It’s no different from the material, but if it is better than the mechanical watch, the mechanical watch of Citizen might be better. Fans of Seiko don’t beat me, I am a considerable analysis~ (manual funny)


Highest Ranking of Japanese Watches In Chinese Youth Market

Compared with Citizen and Seiko, Casio is different from the two of them. Casio focuses on the domestic student market and youth market. At present, Casio’s domestic listing rate is very high. And its quartz watch and electronic watch functions are very suitable Today’s young people and students are among the best-selling Japanese watches in China. Casio has worked hard and developed to this day, and its system has been very mature. It has its own official watches online shop and mall, which also meets the needs of a large number of Casio fans. There is no need to worry about fake watches everywhere. Casio has always thought that the watch industry has always made contributions to the purpose. The business philosophy is to create better original products to give back to the society, promote the further development of the watch industry, and create a better watch craft culture.


Leading the First-line Brands of Whole Watches Industry

We all know that the Japanese quartz watch technology is very famous and leading in the world. Once the Japanese quartz watch technology almost broke the Swiss quartz watch. And the leader of the Japanese quartz watch technology was Seiko, in the 69s of the last century. The launch of the quartz watch Seiko started the quartz crisis. In this regard, Japan Seiko is ahead of the industry’s first-line brands, and its watchmaking experience is very rich.

The Time Movement Accuracy Control Is Strict

Seiko not only has superb quartz watch technology, but also its mechanical watches. Its mechanical watches are second only to Citizen. Seiko’s high-end series of mechanical watches, Grand Seiko, is a mechanical watch polished by the grinding wheel polishing method. The appearance is very shiny and the hands are also It is sharp and has its own characteristics. The balance spring and spring are all independently developed. The time accuracy control of its movement is stricter than the official standard of the Swiss Observatory. Seiko is also a mechanical watch that can maintain high-frequency output. One of the manufacturer’s brands.
Regarding Seiko, the editor will give you a wave of Seiko’s characteristic technology, that is, the Spring Drive movement. This movement technology was developed by Seiko watch R&D engineers after 20 years, and its power comes from the clockwork. But the speed regulating mechanism is replaced by a three-level synchronous speed controller, so it is neither a mechanical watch nor a quartz watch from a professional point of view. Its movement absorbs the commonality and characteristics of a mechanical watch and a quartz watch. The travel time is accurate to plus or minus one second a day, which can be said to be very powerful.

To sum up, many people say that Citizen is the hottest and best in China, but people in Japan do not think so. In their eyes, the best domestic watch is recognized as Seiko rather than Citizen. The reason is Here, it is precisely because Seiko’s comprehensive technical strength is higher than the other two in terms of quartz watches and even high-end mechanical watches. But in terms of pure popularity, Casio and Citizen may be more famous, after all, marketing and advertising are there. .