Intelligent Visitor Management System

Intelligent Visitor Management System

At the moment when the epidemic is rebounding, “less gathering”, “being cautious in entering and leaving”, and “strictly reviewing” have once again become the consensus of the entire society. How to strengthen prevention and control and improve the efficiency of enterprises?

Don’t panic! Isn’t this just a good thing? A grand introduction to everyone-intelligent visitor management system

Open for you online appointment, online review, cloud storage, smart office mode, accurate traceability, so you can get twice the result with half the effort!

01. Basic Overview Of Work

The intelligent visitor management system can provide professional information related services for the registration of personnel entering and exiting units, appointment visits and other matters in government agencies, corporate office buildings and other places.

(1) Technology prevention and control, intelligent management.
Solve the problems of appointment application, approval, entry and exit registration of appointment visitors, upload all data to the cloud platform, and create an integrated appointment access management system.

(2) Reducing restrictions and tracking accuracy.
The cloud backend provides complete traceability and query tools, which can query and track in real time, and generate electronic forms to save output; according to the level of authority, the server can query the visit information from the server, break through the geographical restrictions, and improve the work efficiency and management level by scientific and technological means. At the same time, it can data sharing.

02. System Features

1Informatization: Intelligent data collection, real-time control of data updates, scientific analysis and report generation.
2Intelligent: It is convenient for the management and control of visiting personnel, and reduces the risk of infection of on-site queuing registration and on-duty staff.
3 Security: Intelligent management and control of visitors, safe management of data and information, to avoid potential safety hazards of digital door lock.
4 Dataization: accurate query, tracking of action trajectory, data management and control, traceability, real-time grasp of visitor trends.

03. Basic Function

There are three terminals in the intelligent visitor system: user reservation terminal (mobile phone), audit management terminal (mobile phone), and system management terminal (PC);
Among them, the user reservation terminal and the audit management terminal are the main business use scenarios, and the system management terminal is the auxiliary function.
User reservation terminal: mainly used for online reservation of users and check the reservation status
Audit management terminal: mainly used to audit and query user appointment information
System management terminal: add permissions, roles, departments, assign management roles, complete data statistics and summary