Have you mastered the shooting skills of e-commerce products

Have you mastered the shooting skills of e-commerce products

Nowadays, with the popularization of e-commerce, in the era when everyone is opening a store, there are more stores, the same products, and the competition in online stores is becoming more and more fierce. How to make your online store product map shine and become the top priority? Therefore, the competitiveness of product shooting hong kong is originality and authenticity. Here are some practical e-commerce product shooting techniques.


1. If you build your own team, photographers are indispensable.

First of all, as a photographer, he can recreate according to the style of the product provided, and make similar elements that are unified and coordinated with the style. Maybe you also need PS ability, understanding of lighting, and good visual ability. When it’s critical, you can shoot the material yourself. Of course, the premise requires you to get a good camera and have a good idea.

As photographers, we cannot regard practice or imitation as a manifestation of our own strength. The real improvement is that when you have no internet and no reference, you can still have inspiration in your mind and take pictures of your own creative works. Good photography can be combined with the product, and it can continuously introduce new things, but it revolves around a core theme, which is repeated and repeated in people’s minds, which makes people have deep memories.

The bad photography is homogenization. When you see that the products of a certain store in the industry are particularly outstanding, you can imitate the style of his family, and strive to achieve the same technique of other photographers. Effect. This lack of meaning, unless you can further improve on the basis of others, have better innovation, from imitating to surpassing. Otherwise you will always be just the shadow of others. (Of course, novices still imitate step by step in the initial stage. I say this only for those who are lazy and don’t want to break through when the technology reaches a certain level.)

2. Background selection

The selection of backgrounds for small items is very wide, such as background cloth of different colors, cardboard (available in art shops) can be used as backgrounds, jewelry or handicrafts can be highlighted with the help of objects such as cotton, linen, silk, satin, and even plant leaves. Texture. If you are shooting large objects indoors, then the white wall is a good background.

If the product is light-colored, you should place it on a dark background to shoot, so that you can better highlight the subject and make it clear and easy to recognize. On the contrary, there is no comparison and it cannot attract everyone’s attention. Very simple suggestion, but very useful.

However, it should be noted that when using a white background (a background with a lighter and brighter color than the subject), the subject may become darker due to the influence of white on the lens metering. At this time, you need to appropriately increase the exposure , To ensure that the object is sharp. When using a black background (a background with darker and darker colors than the subject), you need to reduce the exposure and place the object overexposed. A simple sentence is the “white plus black minus” exposure method.

3. Take pictures of products with smooth surfaces

Some products with smooth surfaces, such as gold and silver jewelry, porcelain, lacquerware, electroplated products, etc., have a smooth surface structure like a mirror, and have strong one-way reflection ability. Direct light on the surface of this product will produce strong light. Change. Therefore, when shooting this kind of goods, one is to use soft scattered light to illuminate, and the other is to use indirect lighting, that is, the light acts on the reflector or other goods with reflective ability, and the reflected light illuminates the goods. Soft lighting effect. This kind of goods cannot be used regardless of the shooting conditions.

4. Shoot shadowless still life

There are some product photos, and there is no projection on the screen processing. The lighting method for this photo is to use a framed glass countertop, place the product to be photographed on it, and spread a large piece of white paper or translucent tracing paper under the glass countertop. The light acts on the top of the paper from below, through the use of light from the bottom, you can take pictures of the product without projection, and if necessary, you can add a little auxiliary lighting to the product from above. In this case, pay attention to the brightness ratio between the bottom light and the front light, and it should not be too strong.

In general, if you are an amateur shooting e-commerce products, there are still a lot of things to pay attention to. If you want to save trouble, then you may wish to consider asking a professional live streaming hong kong team to tailor a complete set of e-commerce for you. Product shooting plan. Let your e-commerce road go more smoothly!